For the most professional Pre Test Lessons on Driving test Routes, ADT Driving school offer you the best driver training | Pre test Course from €179 |Take a pre test with our expert adi driving instructors
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That time has come.. You need Pre test driving lessons and a Full Drivers licence. edt driving Have Huge seccess in teaching preparing learners for there driving test.

Duration 6hr Training | Inc 1 hr Mock Driving Test | 99% Pass Rate

| Buy for just €179 |

On completion of this course you will have a good understanding. You will feel sure and confident form your pretest lessons dublin, leaving no doubts of the test while passing with ease. So far in 2013 we have a 99% pass rate from our pre tests in . We value this course as our best feature as every client that bought the pre test course had a smile on there face come test day :) Thats important to us. Buy this course and we will get the results you deserve.


This Pre Test Course is 6hrs and boasts a 99% pass rate:

In the last hour we will give you a chance at a mock driving test with our pre test expert instructor. Our expert driving instructor will take the role as a driving tester, taking you through the full process of the the test.

You will start the mock driving test with questions on the rules of the road, Road signs, the vehicle technical check and vehicles secondary controls.

Then we will drive for the duration of the driving test on actual driving test route while the instructor will be watching for mistakes. The mistakes made will be recorded on a driving test paper and then explained fully on finish.


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